Thursday, June 9, 2011

H4 Visa -Kolkata

Hello All,
My name is Sruti Kandala.I got my marriage fixed on August 12th, 2010.Since the day, i was only worried about how to get my H4 visa. At last,  i did it.My marriage was held on Dec 10th, 2010.I appeared for interview on Dec 16th,2010.
I Would give an step by step procedure to make you easy understand the process.

  • Identify if there is an Visa Assistance office in your city, because you may be busy with your schedules.
  • Take DD from HDFC bank.They will give you 2 copies of green colour.keep it with you safely.
  • Have your passport with you
  • Take photographs from the studio, inform him you are going to apply for H4 visa USA .Also have the soft copy with you.
  • Fill the form DS 160
  • This form would require your information along with your spouse details like: I 797,I 129,Phone no, Address,Company name, Country etc
  • Select the consulate you want to appear for interview.It is better to select the consulate with in the state you reside.If it is urgent for you to get H4 visa and you dont get an appointment in the respective state, you can apply for other states.Preferably kolkata consulate is best .
  • I am a resident of visakhapatnam,so applied for Hyderabad, but i didnt get an appointment as the dates were not i  appeared for my visa interview in kolkata consulate.
  • Once you are done with your appointment at an consulate you will have 2 forms in your hand
  • DS 160
  • Visa Appointment form.
  • Keep those 2 very carefully and also have a photocopy of that forms
  • If you wish to change your consulate you can cancel it before fixing an appointment and it can be done only once.

This is the entire ground work that an applicant has to do.

H4 visa Documents:
Go through the below link for the documents

Interview Tips:

  • Be cool, smily and wish the visa officer Good morning.
  • Remember all the details of yours and your spouse which you have mentioned in the DS 160 form
  • Don't lie before the Visa Officer
  • Be very confident 
  • Wear some jewelry, look like newly wedded.
  • Check your address of consulate before day.

My Experience:
My interview was scheduled on 16th Dec, 2010 at kolkata.It was so cool at that place.We reached the before day to kolkata, and stayed at an Hotel.I was very tensed about my interview next day, because i was all scared about the question th VO may ask "You are an AP resident , Why are you in Kolkata for Interview".I was preparing for myself and my hubby was supporting me saying I will do my best.
It was around 11 in the night.We just took my Appointment letter out to check the address of the consulate, because my interview was scheduled a 9 a.m next day.We were quite new to the Place and so were using GPS(Global positioning system) to locate the address.We were shocked to notice something.
There were 2 offices at kolkata, one was the visa  consulate and the other was VFS( Visa Facilitation Services). We got confused and were thing the wrong address as the location to go.Night at 11.30 we went to the Hotel owner and asked him the address for confirmation.That time we arranged a cab in the morning 6 to go to the consulate.
It was 4 in the morning,and you can understand my situation.I again started verifying all my documents and file.We both got ready and left to the consulate.It was chill,we reached the consulate.
The Guard stopped us at the starting and aksed us that we have reached their before time, so if we wish we can just have walk for sometime and return back.But, i told my husband that i wish to get into consulate, thinking even he can accompany me.I spoke to my mother asking her to wish me.I stepped into the consulate, turned back and saw that my husband was standing on the other side of the gate.Then i realized, now i am all alone, and God with me.I went on walking inside.It was around 6.10 i sat on the bench in the consulate.I was missing my husband very much.I dont know what happened, i started confusing .
I forgot my hubby's phone no, his visa expiry date.I made myself cool and again regained.

Now it was time to get into the main chamber where all the candidates were been seated according to the interview schedule and type of visa.

There were some for H4, L1,H1 etc.I was wearing blue and pink saree, with bangles,sindur, Mangalsutra and was looking a perfect bride.

The candidate before me got selected and left happily.Now, its my turn


Me: Good morning mam with smiling
Vo: Hello Gm.When did you get married?
Me: Dec 10, it has been 5 days
Vo:Oh is it? Is yours Love or arranged marriage ?
Me: Arranged
Vo: You know the family before?
Me: No, An family friend got this match.
Vo: Whats her name?
Me: Ms.Padma
Vo: Ok.Whats your spouse name?
Me: Sreenivasa Mohan Pappu
Vo: Where does he work? what is his designation?
Me: Software Programmer
Vo: Say his address?
Me: USA address
Vo: What is his salary Package
Vo:So, you would stay along with him?
Me: Yes

Congartulations ! your granted H4 Visa.Enjoy your day.

Thank you so much ma'm.I came out and gave a big hug to my hubby who was waiting very eagerly for my result.

Collection of Stamped passport: You can collect the visa next day by hand . we both left next to the visa office and collected  my Passport.
We had darshan of Kali maa and thanked her.
We boarded flight on 22nd  Dec and reached USA 23rd.

This part of my marriage was quite exciting and tesionable.
Then i thought i would write a blog, where i can help people like me to adopt an easy procedure without any problems.

Have a Happy Married Life

All the Best !

Sruti Kandala